Sir the Baptist Talks About The Miracle Tour 2017 & Holistically

Sir the Baptist's "What We Got" parable has listener's going crazy with a
cameo from iconic Jay Z and Grammy Award Winner Donald Lawrence.

From Homelessness to a Household Name

Sir the Baptist, is hip hop’s holistic lyricist, proving himself to be a chaplain of the modern rap culture. He’s an internationally known artist signed to Atlantic Records, BET award nominated and acknowledged by Forbes, Jay Z, Billboard, CNN, Late Night with Seth Meyers, BBC Radio 1, NPR, The Grammys and many others for his trailblazing cause of “Healing Hip Hop.” As a second generation cultural minister, growing up in historically rich Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago, the idea of cleansing the culture has be a path Sir has been set out on since birth. CNN states that Sir is achieving this through a “balance between religion and life”. By using the power of hip hop’s influence, The Baptist records compelling stories about real people as modern parables to strip away the shame and embarrassment that too often keep people from seeking help. He delivers that same message in an album format, with his upcoming release, PK: Preacher’s Kid. The congregation is taking on an emotional rollercoaster as Sir weaves his way through tales of honesty, love, joy, pain, truth and enlightenment; listeners are left with ideas of hope and the possibility of change. Sir isn’t just a recording artist, he’s also the author of The Travelogue of a Visionary and is frequently called upon for his opinion on current events by major national and international news outlets. In his tireless advocacy for humanity, his urban church and charitable organization (Tymple and DeedPin respectively) have brought awareness, funding and care to countless foundations and over 100,000 music festival goers in the summer of 2016 alone at festivals such as Lollapolooza, Made in America and more. Sir was also honored by the Mayor of Chicago for his contribution to HIV/AIDS awareness. After over 3 million plays, 2 major films and 1 album, Sir the Baptist is well aware that there’s so much more work to be done.


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“Most rappers talk about money; I talk about currency. They talk about justice; I talk about revolution. These rappers aren’t activist, they’re acting... and this isn't beef... this is accountability.”
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Jay Z & Beyonce
Helps a "Church In The Wild"

At Barclay’s Center arena in Brooklyn, in front of 20,000+ and over 3 million people watching online, Jay Z, Beyonce and the Tidal team set the stage for a Hip Hop Chaplain to shift the culture. Sir pens an open letter to Jay Z and Beyonce.

Open Letter to Jay Z
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."
Plato -

Discussing Healing For The Hip Hop Culture

A Podcast that powerfully mixes hip hop with Christian apologetics.
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The Travelogue of a Visionary

What does it mean to be a visionary? How do I shape my philosophy in vision?
What does the value of vision look like? This book wears these answers on its sleeve.

  • Epistemology
  • Business
  • The Betterment of Global Issues
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Unveiling the Values of Vision

During a sabbatical from conceptual systems in pursuit of truth and wisdom, the secluded Baptist challenged himself to find the value of vision. This book is merely documented organically as Sir’s open letter to the global community of visionaries. After a year reconstructing and establishing the values of vision, he persuasively argues the notion that transcendent truth is the credibility gap between the vanguard visionary and the emerging, digital, twenty-first-century visionary. This book has his practical and profound radically new approach to universal vision concerning epistemology, business ethics, and global issues.


61 Pages

A short and impactful read. Although the depthness will make it impossible not to re-read.


A trusted, enlighted Author who have been featured multiple times in Major outlets.



“If I could be anything; I wanna be the little engine in the hood!”

Sir the Baptist - "What We Got"

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The work of Sir & the Urban Monks survives under the support of those committed to offering financial support for global mission to better the world. All Monks are responsible for leading the efforts to gain financial support for their ministry journey. Our approach to raising funds understands that raising support for the vision requires Monks to communicate with those who pledge their support. This includes keeping donors informed of the Monk’s needs, goals, and successes. For Monks, raising funds begins with a vision statement. Your vision should first reflect your interpretation of the philosophies of Sir’s book, Travelogue of a Visionary staff members work with family, a group of close friends and/or Sir and other Monks in order to construct a team of ministry partners who are able to support the vision financially.

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