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A Note to the LGBT Community

Open Letters

An open letter to the LGBT Community:

Recently, Jonathan McReynolds, a Grammy nominated Gospel artist, took to social media expressing how disgusted he was with a mix-gendered restroom he came across, asking is this was “progress or perversion?”. I’m guessing his PR team made him remove the post; however, after thinking more about it, I became disgusted with the message. I took a screenshot of the post and called upon my brother, an avid HIV/AIDS activist and member of the LGBT community, and asked him to study into bullying in the Christian world. One of the many goals of my music is to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted when considering Jesus. So, yes, I am about to judge and confront Jonathan McReynolds’s actions; and if that’s a sin then I would rather sin and spare someone else the shame. At least this is a sin with a cause. I will not sit back and let a so-called christian public figure bully gays or the transgendered. I’m willing to judge to protect.

Sexual segregation is a poor solution to expressing the Old Testament laws. Socially, for a black male, he should be the last one to let a bathroom cause segregation. However, I think maybe he’s too far removed from the social signs of colored bathrooms to understand the relevance of his actions. The Gender Segregation Law dates back to 1845. Apparently he thinks the transgendered should piss in the alley.

Christianity is Christ-based and goes against the mentality that McReynolds is using to insult those who may need Christ in their most rejected time. When my brother came out as gay and positive, my church family neglected him and made him sleep on the floor. Every night I secretly locked the door and let him have my bed. Coed bathrooms with individual stalls and a common sink area aren’t invasive. Neither do they hinder personal safety. Jonathan’s comments are specifically homophobic and not safety related. As Glenn Garner from Huffington Post said; “Whether or not homosexuality is a sin or even if it’s a choice, I assume these questions deter a majority of the christian community from practicing the acceptance they preach.”

Jonathan openly professes Christianity and I don’t doubt that. I myself am not without sin, but I’m writing this letter to show him how he may have offended others and does not follow a Christian mindset. His perceived segregative bias is a reflection of the old testament; not that of Jesus. Homophobia isn’t Christ-like. Jesus welcomed everyone as is. Mr. McReynolds’s comments will make so many feel uncomfortable, especially the transgendered. His judgement on the gay community and specifically the transgendered will limit his ability to reach them.

C.S. Lewis is quoted in his Mere Christianity book, “Now if once we allow people to start spiritualizing and refining, or as they might say “deepening,” the sense of the word Christian, it too will speedily become a useless word. In the first place, Christians themselves will never be able to apply it to anyone. It is not for us to say who, in the deepest sense, is or is not close to the spirit of Christ. We do not see into men’s hearts. We cannot judge, and are indeed forbidden to judge.”

Lewis continues, “It would be wicked arrogance for us to say that any man is, or is not, a Christian in this refined sense. And obviously a word which we can never apply is not going to be a very useful word. As for the unbelievers, they will no doubt cheerfully use the word in the refined sense. It will become in their mouths simply a term of praise. In calling anyone a Christian they will mean that they think him as a good man. But that way of using the word will be no enrichment of the language, for we already have the word good. Meanwhile, the word Christian will have been spoiled for any really useful purpose it might have served.”

Removing the hurtful comments isn’t enough. My brother and the entire LGBT community deserves an apology. Maybe he can volunteer for a battered gay or transgendered organization. Bullying is a very big problem in the LGBT community. They don’t need another pointing finger from Jonathan McReynolds or his laughing fans. They need the Jesus he speaks of.

Sincerely, Sir
Sir the Baptist

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