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Bronzeville Walk against Black Killings

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It is utterly ridiculous and reprehensible that two police officers dedicated to serving & protecting were killed “in the name of” #‎EricGarner & #‎MikeBrown. Praying for the families & friends of these good men who should still be here today. If we are not careful, this very sad situation will drive a greater wedge between residents and law enforcement.

That said, blaming this tragedy on a much needed movement that declares #BlackLivesMatter is just as ridiculous as this killers’ behavior! This statement to many of us is not just toward the small (but clearly existing) portion of law enforcers who abuse their authority with misconduct & over-the-top brutality, but also a cry against the many blacks who kill blacks in our own community.

Being forced to pick a side between the #BlackLivesMatter or now the new #‎BlueLivesMatter (supporting police) campaign will prohibit the necessary conversation to find healing and solutions. Furthermore it will potentially increase the strain on race relations.

Don’t just assume those who say #BlackLivesMatter are saying police don’t. That is far from being true. #BlackLivesMatter is more-so a cry against a so called “JUSTICE SYSTEM” that is guilty of DECADES OF INJUSTICE against black people. A reality that cannot be denied and SHOULD be challenged until it gets changed! And ANY call to STOP people from shouting #BlackLivesMatter should offend the black community.

Seeing the POTUS and now the Mayor of New York blamed and watching police literally turn their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he walked down a hall to do a press conference not only shows divisiveness but also disrespect for authority while requiring citizens to respect their authority as police officers. This is definitely not helpful. We need to pray! Seriously!!! Youth don’t need to see this disrespect for authority.

Lastly, is it not a fact that this clearly disturbed man who killed these two officers also shot his girlfriend? Clearly a sign of mental health concerns and a possibility of domestic violence issues. Let’s not forget to pray for her family as well. Another black life affected, that seems to “not matter” to the media. Pastor Chris Harris, Sr.