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Tunji Balogun the game changing meeting

Meet & Greets with highlights of Business, Dinning & Fine Living

There’s a bar of Sir’s in “One Day We Shall,” and it says..

“Chance got us to Tunji and Tunji put us in the game”

After a “Surf Album” session at CRC with Chance the Rapper, Jack Red of StokFord (Read the Story: “StokFord.” HERE – to understand the duo) asked Chance for an A&R contact for their first business trip to LA. So Chance made the connect. Upon arrival Tunji was impressed! The duo didn’t have Interscope hip hop sound it was known for, but they had a pop sound that would be more accepted at Sony and others.Tunji Balogun put them in the game with just a few emails to major heads of major labels and publishing companies. After saying “Thank you for making amazing shit and letting me hear it first” he had them sign the wall in Interscope.